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Strike Pro Baby Buster Jerk | 10 cm
Strike Pro Baby Buster Jerk | 10 cm Color: A102G Color: C026F Glitter Perch Color: C277F Color: C478F Golden Olive Color: C501F Herring Color: C506F Color: C659F Bloody Perch Color: AC382F Color: A45T Color: 613-713 Color: 630V Bluegill Color: A140E Color: 011 Silver Rainbow Color: C031F Orange Tiger Color: A010 Color: 114E Blue Chrome Color: 029F Fire Tiger Color: C076F Natural Perch Color: C096F Color: C606E Metallic Perch Color: C047T Fire Bird Color: C534F Simpan Strike Pro Baby Buster Jerk | 10 cm
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Strike Pro Baby Buster Jerk | 10 cm


10 cm Buster Jerk

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Strike Pro Baby Buster is a downsized version in the Buster Jerk family. With a simple retrieve this jerkbait swims from side to side and with soft and gentle pulls you can add glide and side-flashing action.

Baby Buster casts extremely well and it's inside rattles create an attractive underwater sound.

Its a great lure to use both on a spinning or baitcasting gear.

Length: 10 cm

Weight: 25 g

Buoyancy: floating

Running depth: 0,2-0,5 m

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Product features

Target fish
Pike / Muskie
25 g
10 cm
Running Depth
Shallow (0-1,3 m)
Strike Pro
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Color: C029F Fire Tiger 114E Blue Chrome A45T C076F Natural Perch C478F Golden Olive 630V Bluegill A102G C026F Glitter Perch C501F Herring C606E Metallic Perch C277F C659F Bloody Perch C506F C096F AC382F 613-713 A140E 011 Silver Rainbow C031F Orange Tiger A010 C047T Fire Bird C534F Simpan
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C478F Golden Olive €8.75 €7.88 -10%
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A102G €8.75 €7.88 -10%
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C026F Glitter Perch €8.75 €7.88 -10%
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C501F Herring €8.75 €7.88 -10%
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C277F €8.75 €7.88 -10%
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C659F Bloody Perch €8.75 €7.88 -10%
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C506F €8.75 €7.88 -10%
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AC382F €8.75 €7.88 -10%
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A45T €8.75 €7.88 -10%
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613-713 €8.75 €7.88 -10%
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630V Bluegill €8.75 €7.88 -10%
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A140E €8.75 €7.88 -10%
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011 Silver Rainbow €8.75 €7.88 -10%
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C031F Orange Tiger €8.75 €7.88 -10%
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A010 €8.75 €7.88 -10%
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114E Blue Chrome €8.75 €7.88 -10%
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C029F Fire Tiger €8.75 €7.88 -10%
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C076F Natural Perch €8.75 €7.88 -10%
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C096F €8.75 €7.88 -10%
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C606E Metallic Perch €8.75 €7.88 -10%
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C047T Fire Bird €8.75 €7.88 -10%
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C534F Simpan €8.75 €7.88 -10%
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