Terminal Tackle 

Terminal Tackle

Terminal tackle is a critical part of fishing gear. Reliable leaders and snaps are essential, because anglers often lose fish because of the low quality or inadequate terminal tackle. In addition to leaders, snaps, hooks and weights, also offers a selection of soft bait accessories, for example leaders, rigs, shallow screws, rattle capsules and more.

  • Pike Fishing Accessories For Rubber Lures
    Pike Fishing Accessories For Rubber Lures

    Are you into pike fishing? Check out the accessories for rigging shads and other rubber lures. Browse our selection of Stingers, Spikes, Shallow Screws and other items to make cool & effective rigs!

  • Jig Heads
    Jig Heads

    Jig Heads are designed to give casting weight to soft plastic lures. You will also need Jig Heads to sink your soft baits in desired depth.

  • Fishing Hooks
    Fishing Hooks

    Find extremely sharp fishing hooks for different techniques, including jig hooks, treble hooks, weighted hooks and more.

  • Fishing Swivels & Snaps
    Fishing Swivels & Snaps

    Create a strong connection between the fishing line and lure! Shop quality snaps and swivels from respected manufacturers.

  • Fishing Leaders and Leader Material
    Fishing Leaders and Leader Material

    Select flexible fishing leaders with high-quality swivels and snaps from the best brands in fishing.

  • Fishing Weights & Sinkers
    Fishing Weights & Sinkers

    Make the most of a day on the water with fishing weights & sinkers at

  • Ready Made Fishing Rigs
    Ready Made Fishing Rigs

    Pre-made fishing rigs or rig sets

  • Other Accessories
    Other Accessories
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Showing 1 - 15 of 120 items


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