Spoons were some of the first fishing lures. They’re are made of a metal and cast far distances. Spoons are effective from the surface to the bottom and will likely catch nearly any species of fish. Most spoons generally have a body with a slight curvature that provides swimming action. offers an expert selection of casting and trolling spoons for a variety of fish.

  • Kuusamo
    The legendary Finnish weapons of choice with beautiful colours, great casting distance and attractive wobbling action.
  • Lucky John
    Lucky John
  • Mepps
    Three generations of fishermen have been catching fish with Mepps lures. Chances are you have a Mepps in your tackle box that was given to you by your grandfather. If you do, you can be assurred it will work as well as the day he bought it.
  • Jaxon
    Jaxon has been operating in the angling business since 1985. They are one of the biggest angling companies in Central Europe with a comprehensive range of fishing tackle.
  • Savage Gear
    Savage Gear
    Savage Gear is an innovative and highly respected brand developed for predator fishing. For the ultimate predatory fish, only the ultimate gear will do, and the guys at Savage Gear have committed themselves to providing the serious and ambitious predatory fisherman with just that - the ultimate lures, rods, reels and accessories for the big beasts out there.
  • Eppinger
    Started in 1906, Eppinger takes pride in its history of American-Made quality and for giving fellow anglers what works, time after time. They build performance, value and tradition into every lure. The real “Dardevle” remains the most popular all-around fishing lure in use today. Eppinger... Often Imitated, Never Equaled!
  • Blue Fox
    Blue Fox

    Blue Fox spoons such as Moresilda, Matrixx, Moreungen and others.

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    Out Of Stock
    A twin blade spoon
  • 2,47 € 2,65 € -7% In Stock
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    A holographic lure with a wide swimming action
  • 2,62 € 2,82 € -7% In Stock
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    A holographic baitfish imitation
  • 2,73 € 2,94 € -7% In Stock
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    A holographic spoon with a "carved" surface
  • 2,73 € 2,94 € -7% In Stock
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    Spoons painted as natural fish
  • 2,93 € 3,25 € -10% In Stock
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    A classically shaped spoon bait
  • 3,45 € In Stock
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    Pike and garfish spoons with galvanic coating
  • 3,55 € In Stock
    In Stock
    A spoon with a "hammered" pattern
  • 4,70 € In Stock
    A traditional and very successful Norweigan spoon for catching sea trout and salmon
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