Spin Flies 

Spin Flies

Spin Fly is extremely effective bait for catching Brown Trout and Perch. Use Spin Fly with a spinning tackle. All baits are handmade.

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  • Spin Fly
    3,83 € Out Of Stock
    Out Of Stock
    Handmade Spin Flies for UL spinning rods. Deadly bait for Brown Trout.
  • Siek Leech (Spin Fly)
    4,88 € In Stock
    In Stock
    Marabou feathered Spin Flies for ultra-light spinning rods. Nr. 1 Brown Trout bait in Estonia.
  • MA Leech Original (Spin Fly) by Markku Autio
    5,42 € In Stock
    In Stock
    Spin Flies by legendary Finnish craftsman Markku Autio
Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items


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