Blade / Vibration / VIB / Tail Spinner Baits

Blade / Vibration / VIB / Tail Spinner Baits

Because of their tight vibrating actions, Blade / Vibration Baits / Cicadas are irresistible to predator fish. Recently they have become very popular among European perch and asp anglers. These baits usually have an erratic vibration or wobbling action during the retrieve and they can "make nervous" even the most passive fish. Blade Baits can be fished with a spinning rod or even vertically through the ice. They usually feature a selection of holes for different swimming actions or presenting the bait in different water depths. Blade Baits is also an excellent bait for casting in strong wind.

Tail Spinners feature a rotating blade that increases the visibility of the lure and irritates fish with a hydroacoustic wave.

Whether you catch perch, walleye or bass, these Blade Baits & Cicadas from vibrate like no other!

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