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Hard Baits

Hard Baits, Crankbaits & Plugs and Wobblers for Freshwater & Saltwater Fishing

Catch pike, zander, brown trout, bass, salmon, perch and other fish with top-rated hard baits. Also known as crankbaits, plugs or wobblers, hard baits are made of plastic or wood and they look like a baitfish or other creature that fish want to eat. Hard baits cast well and come in many shapes, sizes and colors. They are equipped with treble hooks and some feature internal rattle system to attract fish. There are also jointed models. Diving depth varies as well: some remain on the surface while others dive to several meters allowing to reach great depths. Hard baits are great trolling lures – deep divers are effective for catching pike, zander, salmon and other species. offers a fine selection of hard baits: shop crankbaits, plugs, shads, minnows and other hard baits from trusted brands such as Rapala, Savage Gear, Sebile, Storm and others.

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