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Complete your lure-box with crankbaits & plugs, spinners, soft plastics, jigs and spoons from top brands. collection includes carefully selected lures for catching pike, zander, brown trout, sea trout, bass, perch, salmon and many other species. We also have a big pleasure to offer a selection of handmade lures.

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  • Hard Baits

    Hard Baits

    Catch pike, zander, brown trout, bass, salmon, perch and other fish with top-rated hard baits. Also known as crankbaits, plugs or wobblers, hard baits are made of plastic or wood and they look like a baitfish or other creature that fish want to eat. Hard baits cast well and come in many shapes, sizes and colors. They are equipped with treble hooks and some feature internal rattle system to attract fish. There are also jointed models. Diving depth varies as well: some remain on the surface while others dive to several meters allowing to reach great depths. Hard baits are great trolling lures – deep divers are effective for catching pike, zander, salmon and other species. offers a fine selection of hard baits: shop crankbaits, plugs, shads, minnows and other hard baits from trusted brands such as Rapala, Savage Gear, Sebile, Storm and others.

  • Soft Baits

    Soft Baits

    Soft fishing baits can be almost as effective as natural baits. Built-in scent and a variety of configurations - fish, worm and eel imitations and shad-like bodies with different tail shapes for lifelike action - can be deadly over a wide range of water types and fishing situations. Most of the soft lures can be rigged weedless: the hook is buried inside the soft body where it cannot catch on obstructions. Nowadays soft baits are not just made out of plastic: some manufacturers have created materials that look like plastic but are actually biodegradable, edible and made of real food. Soft plastic lures are easy to use, easy to transport, all-round, any conditions, any time of year.

  • Spinners


    Spinners are mainly used for casting and they are relatively easy to use. Spinners are equipped with blades that rotate around a central shaft and spin when retrieved. Their flashy and vibrating action has made them very popular and effective, especially in freshwater fishing. Below you will find an expert selection of freshwater spinners, including Mepps, Panther Martin, Rooster Tail and handmade lures.

  • Sea Trout

    Sea Trout

    Lures for catching Sea Trout. Sea Trout is one of the most precious game fish in coastal waters of northern Europe. They are popular with anglers because of their strong fighting qualities - they fight tenaciously all the way to the landing net. The sea trout can't be fished the same way all year. Success for sea trout fishing relies on finding the fish. Some key factors here are water temperature, currents, the wind, the trout's migratory patterns and even water murkiness. Sea trout fishing is very challenging and at the same time a lot of fun. Casting spoons with a spinning rod is the most commonly practised method of catching sea trout from the shoreline. It’s a method where long casts are possible and much water can be covered. A good tip: start casting before you come down to the waters edge and don't begin to wade before you have fished the shallows thoroughly. offers deadly selection of Sea Trout spoons and other lures at great prices.

  • Jerkbaits


    Jerkbaits are very popular among pike fishing enthusiasts. Swing the jerkbait from side to side and retrieve it like an underwater "walk the dog". A great choice for trophy fish.

  • Weedless


    Spoons and crankbaits specially designed for the weeds. You can cast, or troll right through the weeds... where the fish really hang out.
  • Topwater baits

    Topwater baits

    Fishing with Topwater lures is an adrenaline rush! Fish cutting through the water's surface is enough to make even the most seasoned anglers heart race. Topwater lures (also known as surface lures) are fished by casting and retrieving and most of them require proper presentation to be effective. These hard baits are called poppers, chuggers and walkers and they imitate frogs, insects, ratts, little birds and other nonaquatic species. When the plug is jerked across the surface, it produces a splash and a popping or chugging noise. They appeal to highly aggressive fish. carries a line of Topwater baits from the top brands.

  • Spoons


    Spoons were some of the first fishing lures. They’re are made of a metal and cast far distances. Spoons are effective from the surface to the bottom and will likely catch nearly any species of fish. Most spoons generally have a body with a slight curvature that provides swimming action. offers an expert selection of casting and trolling spoons for a variety of fish.

  • Handmade


    Quality hand-crafted lures. Guaranteed to catch fish!

  • Blade & Vibration Baits

    Blade & Vibration Baits

    Because of their tight vibrating actions, Blade / Vibration Baits / Cicadas are irresistible to predator fish. Recently they have become very popular among European perch and asp anglers. These baits usually have an erratic vibration or wobbling action during the retrieve and they can "make nervous" even the most passive fish.

    Blade Baits can be fished with a spinning rod or even vertically through the ice. They usually feature a selection of holes for different swimming actions or presenting the bait in different water depths. Blade Baits is also an excellent bait for casting in strong wind.

    Whether you catch perch, walleye or bass, these Blade Baits & Cicadas from vibrate like no other!

  • Spin Flies

    Spin Flies

    Spin Fly is extremely effective bait for catching Brown Trout and Perch. Use Spin Fly with a spinning tackle. All baits are handmade.

  • Chatterbaits


  • Lure Kits

    Lure Kits

    Great value lure kits compiled from proven and productive lures.

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