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Complete your lure-box with crankbaits & plugs, spinners, soft plastics, jigs and spoons from top brands. Pro-Fishing.eu collection includes carefully selected lures for catching pike, zander, brown trout, sea trout, bass, perch, salmon and many other species. We also have a big pleasure to offer a selection of handmade lures.

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  • Hard Baits

    Catch pike, zander, brown trout, bass, salmon, perch and other...

  • Sea Trout

    Lures for catching Sea Trout. Sea Trout is one of the most...

  • Weedless
    Spoons and crankbaits specially designed for the weeds. You can...
  • Spin Flies

    Spin Fly is extremely effective bait for catching Brown Trout...

  • Spinners

    Freshwater spinners, including Mepps, Panther Martin, Rooster...

  • Soft Baits

    Soft fishing baits can be almost as effective as natural baits....

  • Spoons

    Casting and trolling spoons for a variety of fish.

  • Handmade

    Quality hand-crafted lures. Guaranteed to catch fish!

  • Jerkbaits

    Jerkbaits are very popular among pike fishing enthusiasts. Swing...

  • Lure Kits

    Great value lure kits compiled from proven and productive...

  • Topwater baits

    Fishing with Topwater lures is an adrenaline rush! Fish cutting...