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Strike Pro Buster V Jerk | 8,5 cm
Strike Pro Buster V Jerk Color: 626E Blue Silver OB Color: 630V Bluegill Color: A02A-713 Color: A05T PLO Color: A70-713 Black Silver OB Color: A102G Color: A103S Hot Firetiger Color: A207F Color: C026F Glitter Perch Color: C041F Dirty Roach (Skitmört) Color: C046F Color: C076F Natural Perch Color: C202F Hot Pike Color: C483 Color: C501F Herring Color: C502F Brown Parrot Color: C606E Metallic Perch Color: A45T Color: C755G Green Motoroil Pike UV Color: A210-SBO-RP Rainbow Ghost Wakasagi Color: CA07ES Color: CA06ES Grey Shadow Strike Pro Buster V Jerk
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Strike Pro Buster V Jerk | 8,5 cm


8,5 cm Buster Jerk for pike, perch, asp etc

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€6.96 €7.73

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Strike Pro Buster V is the 5th model in the Buster Jerk family. It has the same side-to-side belly flash action that predators cannot resist. Like other Buster Jerks, it has rattles inside for creating an attractive sound.

You can jerk, twitch, crank or steady retrieve the Buster V... just make sure to pause the jerkbait.

Strike Pro Buster V is suitable for several predators, for example pike, muskie, perch, asp and even salmonoids.

Length: 8,5 cm

Weight: 17,7 g

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Product features

Target fish
Pike / Muskie
17,7 g
8,5 cm
Running Depth
Shallow (0-1,3 m)
Strike Pro
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Color: A45T A70-713 Black Silver OB A05T PLO C076F Natural Perch C202F Hot Pike CA06ES Grey Shadow 626E Blue Silver OB 630V Bluegill A02A-713 A102G A103S Hot Firetiger A207F C026F Glitter Perch C041F Dirty Roach (Skitmört) C046F C483 C501F Herring C502F Brown Parrot C606E Metallic Perch A210-SBO-RP Rainbow Ghost Wakasagi CA07ES C755G Green Motoroil Pike UV
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A70-713 Black Silver OB €7.73 €6.96 -10%
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A05T PLO €7.73 €6.96 -10%
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C076F Natural Perch €7.73 €6.96 -10%
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C202F Hot Pike €7.73 €6.96 -10%
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626E Blue Silver OB €7.73 €6.96 -10%
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630V Bluegill €7.73 €6.96 -10%
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A02A-713 €7.73 €6.96 -10%
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A102G €7.73 €6.96 -10%
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A103S Hot Firetiger €7.73 €6.96 -10%
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A207F €7.73 €6.96 -10%
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C026F Glitter Perch €7.73 €6.96 -10%
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C041F Dirty Roach (Skitmört) €7.73 €6.96 -10%
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C046F €7.73 €6.96 -10%
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C483 €7.73 €6.96 -10%
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C501F Herring €7.73 €6.96 -10%
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C502F Brown Parrot €7.73 €6.96 -10%
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C606E Metallic Perch €7.73 €6.96 -10%
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A45T €7.73 €6.96 -10%
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C755G Green Motoroil Pike UV €7.73 €6.96 -10%
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A210-SBO-RP Rainbow Ghost Wakasagi €7.73 €6.96 -10%
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CA07ES €7.73 €6.96 -10%
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CA06ES Grey Shadow €7.73 €6.96 -10%
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