Sea Trout

Sea Trout fishing lures

Lures for catching Sea Trout. Sea Trout is one of the most precious game fish in coastal waters of northern Europe. They are popular with anglers because of their strong fighting qualities - they fight tenaciously all the way to the landing net. The sea trout can't be fished the same way all year. Success for sea trout fishing relies on finding the fish. Some key factors here are water temperature, currents, the wind, the trout's migratory patterns and even water murkiness. Sea trout fishing is very challenging and at the same time a lot of fun. Casting spoons with a spinning rod is the most commonly practised method of catching sea trout from the shoreline. It’s a method where long casts are possible and much water can be covered. A good tip: start casting before you come down to the waters edge and don't begin to wade before you have fished the shallows thoroughly. offers deadly selection of Sea Trout spoons and other lures at great prices.

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