Other gear & accessories

Other Fishing Gear & Accessories

Browse for miscellaneous fishing gear: bags, tools, boxes, headlamps, fishing scales, polaroid sunglasses, filleting knives etc.

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  • Terminal Tackle

    Terminal Tackle

    Terminal tackle is a critical part of fishing gear. Reliable leaders and snaps are essential, because anglers often lose fish because of the low quality or inadequate terminal tackle. In addition to leaders, snaps, hooks and weights, also offers a selection of soft bait accessories, for example leaders, rigs, shallow screws, rattle capsules and more.

  • Tackle Packs & Bags

    Tackle Packs & Bags

    Carry fishing equipment with tackle bags and packs. Here you can find rod bags, backpacks, chest & shoulder packs, holdalls and reel cases.

  • Micro Jigging / Finesse Fishing

    Micro Jigging / Finesse Fishing

    Micro jigging / finesse fishing is becoming a growing trend in all over the world. Anglers use short, ultralight rods, light braids and small soft lures to catch perch, chub and trout. When finesse fishing with ultra-light tackle, you can’t just reel the fish in as the thin line will snap under the strain. For landing the fish, you must learn how to adjust the drag in an effort to tire the fish. The goal is to keep fish hooked while they wear themselves out to a point where you can reel them in. Here you'll find a top selection of micro jigging / finesse fishing tackle that include baits, swivels, snaps, hooks, lines and more.

  • Drop Shot Fishing

    Drop Shot Fishing

    Drop shot fishing is a technique that has taken the finesse fishing world by a storm. A drop shot rig has the weight or sinker at the end of the line. A soft plastic lure fished with no added weight drifts with a very fluid motion that has natural appeal to a predator.

    Below you will find a array of drop shot equipment for your tackle box.

  • Texas / Carolina Rigs

    Texas / Carolina Rigs

    Texas rig and a Carolina rig are the two most classic rigs for soft baits. Both of them are weedless, which allows you to fish them in a big range of situations. The Carolina Rig and Texas Rig are similar, except that for the Carolina Rig the weight is fixed at a set distance from the soft bait. This allows the bait the glide more naturally, since the line tension from the rod is only directly effecting the weight’s movement. Carolina rig is a bit more effective in open water, while Texas rig is a great choice for heavier cover.

  • Coarse Fishing

    Coarse Fishing

    Reels and other items for coarse fishing.

  • Headlamps


    Dawn, dusk and night are often the best times for fishing. Therefore headlamps are essential tools for fishing in low light conditions.

  • Fillet Knives & Fish Processing

    Fillet Knives & Fish Processing

    Become a kitchen MasterChef with quality tools for fish processing. Find fillet knives, fillet boards and other kitchen equipment at great prices.

  • Pliers and Tools

    Pliers and Tools

    Durable and affordable fishing tools & pliers for rigging up your line and removing hooks from fish.

  • Scales


    These digital fishing scales are easy to use, just push the button and weigh the prize catch.

  • Polarized Sunglasses

    Polarized Sunglasses

    Polarized sunglasses provide a better fishing experience by reducing glare off the water. They also protect your eyes from harmful UV rays.

  • Utility Boxes

    Utility Boxes

    Utility Boxes to keep lures, baits and terminal tackle in one easy-to-find location.

  • Useful items

    Useful items

    Handy items & accesories for fishing trips.

  • Vacuum Bottles

    Vacuum Bottles

    Fishing, hiking, camping, hunting, sailing or simply on the road with your car - make sure your sip of your favorite beverage is hot each time with the vacuum bottle.

  • Belly Boat / Float Tube

    Belly Boat / Float Tube

    Fishing from out of a belly boat / float tube gets more and more popular among anglers. They are great for fishing otherwise inaccessible areas. A quality float tube will help you keep safe, stay comfortable, and catch more fish.

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