Fishing Reels

What are the types of fishing reels? Spinning reels are most commonly used. The spool of a spinning reel does not rotate when you make a cast - the line simply runs off the spool once the bail is opened. Spincasting reels are popular among beginners. These affordable reels are very similar to spinning reels, except the spool is covered to reduce tangling issues. Baitcasting reels can provide very accurate casts and are compatible with many fishing methods. Baitcasting reels are equipped with a durable drag that can easily handle big fish. Contemporary baitcasters feature magnetic brakes that can almost totally eliminate backlashes and tangles. Despite its name, baitcasting tackle is not used with natural bait – its purpose is casting lures or trolling. Reel maintenance is important. For reel care, its suggested to follow the manufacturer’s maintenance recommendations. Besides preventing corrosion, it is vital to perform routine cleaning. A well maintained reel increases casting distance, lowers the minimum cast weight and last longer in use. Browse reliable reels for your next fishing trip: focuses on top-quality fishing reels, from brands like Daiwa, Shimano and Okuma.

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  • Spinning Reels

    Spinning Reels

    Spinning reels are most commonly used fishing reels. They are a easy to manage and have great casting distance. Many new anglers will learn using a spinning reel, because they do not require the same level of attentiveness as baitcasters do. The spool of a spinning reel does not rotate when you make a cast - the line simply runs off the spool once the bail is opened. Retrieval is accomplished by winding the line around the fixed spool. Spinning reels come with either a front drag or a rear drag. Usually a front drag is smoother and more durable than a rear drag. A front drag features washers that push on a large and flat surface (similar to car brakes). A rear drag press on a small-diameter drive shaft - therefore the drag occasionally feels uncontrollable. However, some anglers like rear-drag reels because they are easier to adjust when fighting a fish. Spinning reels are designed for both fresh and saltwater and some saltwater reels hold a lot of line, allowing them to be used for beach-casting and for fighting big fish. Freshwater spinning reel users usually fish with medium to lightweight spinners, hard baits, jigs and spoons. offers spinning reels with durability and lasting performance, from top-level manufacturers like Shimano, Daiwa and Okuma.

  • Baitcasting Reels

    Baitcasting Reels

    If you're looking for a new baitcasting reel, check out the range at We stock a quality baitcasters from leading brands, such as Daiwa, Shimano and others.

  • Trolling Reels

    Trolling Reels

    Our quality trolling fishing reels collection includes multiplier and fixed spool reels for boat fishing.

  • Reel Maintenance

    Reel Maintenance

    Maintain and repair those expensive reels with cleaners, lubricants & greases - a simple way to lengthen the life span and improve the quality of the fishing reel.

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