Soft Baits 

Soft Baits

Soft fishing baits can be almost as effective as natural baits. Built-in scent and a variety of configurations - fish, worm and eel imitations and shad-like bodies with different tail shapes for lifelike action - can be deadly over a wide range of water types and fishing situations. Most of the soft lures can be rigged weedless: the hook is buried inside the soft body where it cannot catch on obstructions. Nowadays soft baits are not just made out of plastic: some manufacturers have created materials that look like plastic but are actually biodegradable, edible and made of real food. Soft plastic lures are easy to use, easy to transport, all-round, any conditions, any time of year.

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  • Fox Rage Spikey Shad
    0,63 € In Stock
    Super soft rubber lure, covered with spikes
  • Savage Gear Cannibal Shad
    0,63 € In Stock
    Very versatile shad with a super swimming action, available in sizes 6,8 - 15 cm
  • Fox Rage Fork Tail
    0,96 € 1,13 € -15% In Stock
    Reduced price!
    Fox Rage Fork Tail: vibrating V-Shaped tail & real fish oils inside
  • Gunki G'Bump
    1,00 € In Stock
    Thanks to its powerful rolling action even when used with light jig heads, this lure can be used in many different conditions
  • Cormoran Curly Goby
    1,30 € 1,63 € -20% In Stock
    Reduced price!
    In Stock
    A realistic imitation of a goby
  • Apetito Baits S-series
    1,63 € In Stock
    Well-priced soft baits for micro jigging perch
  • Apetito Soft Bait Attractant
    2,25 € Out Of Stock
    Out Of Stock
    Make your soft baits even more attractive!
  • Fanatik Larva
    2,93 € 3,25 € -10% In Stock
    Reduced price!
    Fanatik Larva has a truly great efficiency among soft plastic creature lures
  • YUM Warning Shot
    3,08 € In Stock
    Soft bait with a lot of movement. Great for drop-shotting!
  • YUM Walleye Grub
    3,08 € In Stock
    The wide curl tail produces fish attracting vibration and action
  • Fanatik Goby
    3,08 € 3,42 € -10% In Stock
    Reduced price!
    A realistic goby bait, best used on a drop shot or bottom jigs
  • Savage Gear 4D Herring Shad
    3,29 € In Stock
    Effective herring shad in superb 4D colors
  • Lucky John Pro Series "J.I.B. Tail"
    3,29 € In Stock
    Shrimp scented "edible" twister
  • Lucky John Pro Series "Tioga"
    3,29 € In Stock
    "Edible" & scented soft lure for micro jigging.
  • Savage Gear Lip Scull
    3,29 € In Stock
    Transparent sculls designed for the Soft 4Play lures
Showing 1 - 15 of 52 items


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