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Ice Fishing

Ice fishing gear for all hard water enthusiasts. Pro-Fishing.eu offers a great range of ice fishing equipment: ice rods, ice reels, ice lures and other gear to have you ready for the ice fishing season.

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  • Rods

    Ice fishing rods that are sure to help get the fish through the...

  • Spring Bobbers

    Spring Bobbers / Strike Indicators add sensitivity to your ice...

  • Reels

    Reels for ice fishing.

  • Line

    Quality ice fishing lines. These monofilaments are especially...

  • Lures

    Use ice fishing lures from Pro-Fishing.eu to reel in fish from...

  • Tip-Ups

    Tip-ups are a common addition to ice fishing tackle and they...

  • Other ice fishing gear

    Find miscellaneous gear for ice fishing: hand warmers, ice...