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Fishing Line for Freshwater & Saltwater fishing

Fishing line forms an important connection between the angler and the catch. If this link fails, the angler loses the fish. There are many types of lines available and some are all-around while others have very specific use. Choosing the right line makes your job on the water much easier and productive. General rule is that the line should be matched to the rest of the fishing tackle and the type of fishing. Choose monofilament if you need smooth, easily castable and low visibility line. Braided line is best known for having high strength, thin diameter and minimal stretch. With fluorocarbon you are getting low visibility and excellent abrasion resistance. Get the best line for freshwater & saltwater fishing from our assortment of monofilament, braid and fluorocarbon, all at great prices.

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  • Braid


    Braid, also know as superline, is very popular choice amongst anglers. Braided lines float, they have virtually no stretch and have a very small diameter for their strength (that characteristic also allows you to put more line on a spool). They also feature superior strength, more suppleness than other lines and no memory. The smaller diameter and lack of memory means less resistance when casting lures. This is very important when long casts with small & light lures are needed to reach the fish. Braids require a well tied and fully seated knot, as a result the knots will be incredibly strong, as braid will not stretch, distort and slip under pressure. The two most common types of braid are 4-strand and 8-strand. 4-strand braid is flatter, usually more abrasive, and performs well on casting reels. 8-strand braid is round, typically thinner than 4-strand, softer, and performs better on spinning reels. 8-strand casts noticeably farther and is less likely to groove the tip of the rods. Find some great braids form top brands such as Daiwa, Power Pro, Shimano and Sufix at

  • Monofilament


    Monofilament line is the most popular one. Monofilament (also known as “mono”) is used for both saltwater and freshwater fishing and in a huge variety of fishing applications. It has proved itself over the years and is the most affordable and easy to handle. Additionally, monofilament stretches more than fluorocarbon and braided lines, which gives it a forgiveness factor. Its available in a wide range of qualities and colors. Mono can be low-stretch or flexible and the modern lines can provide excellent strength. Browse the wide monofilament selection at from top brands as Gamakatsu, Daiwa, Shimano, Sufix, Stroft and others.

  • Fluorocarbon


    Fluorocarbon fishing lines practically disappear in the clear water. They sink faster than monofilament lines and have great abrasion resistance.

  • Line maintenance

    Line maintenance

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