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Spinners are mainly used for casting and they are relatively easy to use. Spinners are equipped with blades that rotate around a central shaft and spin when retrieved. Their flashy and vibrating action has made them very popular and effective, especially in freshwater fishing. Below you will find an expert selection of freshwater spinners, including Mepps, Panther Martin, Rooster Tail and handmade lures.

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  • Mepps


    Three generations of fishermen have been catching fish with Mepps lures. Chances are you have a Mepps in your tackle box that was given to you by your grandfather. If you do, you can be assurred it will work as well as the day he bought it.
  • Blue Fox

    Blue Fox

    Treasured by anglers from Alaska to the equator, Blue Fox lures offer premium quality spinners, spoons and accessories designed for specific techniques and conditions. Whether you’re fishing salmon, trout, bass or perch, there’s a Blue Fox lure designed specifically for that setting. Never forget: “Nothing outfishes the Fox.”

  • Pezon & Michel

    Pezon & Michel

  • Handmade Spinners

    Handmade Spinners

    Handcrafted spinners for various fishing situations
  • Rooster Tail

    Rooster Tail

    Established in 1934, Yakima Bait Company is a top fishing lure manufacturer, producing one of the finest fishing lures.

  • Panther Martin

    Panther Martin

    Panther Martin is known as one of the world's best spinning lures. It is the original inline spinner. The unique design of the Convex/Concave blade with the shaft going directly through the blade was first introduced in America by Panther Martin. In its history over 104,000,000 Panther Martin lures have been sold.

  • Spinner kits

    Spinner kits

    Lure kits offer premium collections of spinners at an affordable price
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