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Leech X2 Polarized Sunglasses
Leech X2 | Dusk Leech X2 | Dusk Leech X2 | Silver Leech X2 | Silver
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Leech X2 Polarized Sunglasses


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X2 fishing glasses are a new flagship for Leech. With a clean design, you have a pair of really sporty sunglasses that fit tight on the face to minimize incoming side lights. The lenses are a little larger to create a larger area for the eyes to be undisturbed and that you are one with what you do.

SILVER: mirror coated copper lenses help in enhancing contrast and improving the depth of field for objects such as fish against the aqua colored backgrounds. We recommended that you to wear copper lenses as it in addition will give them good definition and prevent eye strain. Furthermore, it is highly suitable in mornings and evenings and will make it much easier to see the fish.

DUSK: with the yellow Premium plus lens you get a high contrast and clarity to have rested eyes and focus on what you do in overcast and slightly darker light conditions.

Features of the Leech X2 Polarized Sunglasses:
  • mirror coating (SILVER model) reflects away the light and protect the eyes from strong sunny conditions and prevents the eyes of the wearer from being seen by others
  • hydrophobic coating to repel water
  • keeps the sun’s UV rays from harming your eyes (100 % UVA, UVB and UVC Protection)
  • Premium+ lenses: more sharply focused vision, contours become clearer & less fatigue for eyes
  • lenses are treated front and back with a clear, hard coating which make it much more scratch resistant
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