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Vision Mirrorflite series Vision Mirrorflite series | Upi View larger
Vision Mirrorflite series | Upi

Vision Mirrorflite series



Top-quality polarized sunglasses with mirror lenses

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69,00 € tax incl.

  • Depending of the stock availability, we will ship the Vision products within 2 days or 2 weeks. For buying the product, please add it to cart and complete the purchase. If you wish to find out the exact shipping date, please contact us via customer service or info@pro-fishing.eu.

    On top of looking good, the Vision Mirrorflite series offers a bit of extra protection from the sun with the mirror coating reflecting more sun rays away from the user´s eyes.

    Vision's sunglasses give 100% protection from UVA-, UVB- and UVC light.

    They effectively block both visible light and the light reflected from water surface, reducing the aligned, partially polarized glare.

    A perfect choice for all-round shades. These polarized plastic lenses have all the optical qualities needed for fishing. They are also very light.

    All Mirrorflite models come with a hard protective case.

    Made in France.

Image Model Price Add to cart
Upi 69,00 €
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Bat 69,00 €
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Midge 69,00 €
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Tuna 69,00 €
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Kust 69,00 €
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Boulder 69,00 €
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Kapu 69,00 €
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Superstar 69,00 €
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