Headbanger lures are innovative and unique baits that move like nothing else you've ever seen. The erratic and evasive action of the Headbanger lures gives you the ultimate tool to perfectly mimic a spooked fleeing bait fish and trigger a reaction from the predatory instincts of the fish.
The non-repetitive movement is created by the patented head, a loosely attached guide lip with a specific balance that results in constant change in the lures’ moving direction, making them move with irregularities naturally resembling that of a nervous and injured prey. Also trembling on irregular basis, these lures add something truly unique to your tackle box. Let the headbanging begin!

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  • Headbanger Shad
    17,46 € In Stock
    In Stock
    Pike / muskie lure with an insane action
  • Headbanger Tail
    21,00 € Out Of Stock
    Out Of Stock
    The volatile action of the Headbanger Tail is unprecedented in pike lures, unlike anything else in the industry
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