Rapala has been the world's favorite fishing lure since 1936. Rapala lures are responsible for more IGFA world records than any other lure brand in history. Each Rapala lure with a swimming lip is individually hand-tuned and tank-tested for perfect swimming action.

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  • 5,21 € 6,95 € -25% In Stock
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    Rapala CountDown - consistently reach suspended fish at any depth
  • 6,95 € In Stock
    Weedless lure with a great paddle-tail & twitching action
  • 8,55 € In Stock
    A versatile 6 cm lure for trout and perch
  • 8,65 € In Stock
    Long-casting and rattling crankbait from Rapala
  • 8,78 € 9,75 € -10% In Stock
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    Take the wild "wide-tail" action of the Rapala Tail Dancer and add the evasive, erratic action that the Scatter Lip creates and you have one deep-diving, aggressive lure
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    The Rapala Skitter V is the successor of the popular Skittter Walk. It features a V-shaped boat keel for the extreme quick-turning action.
  • 9,40 € In Stock
    The success of Rapala’s Shad Rap® series lies in the simple fact that it mimics the most prolific baitfish found in streams, lakes and rivers around the world far better than any other. 
  • 9,40 € In Stock
    Shad Rap® version for shallow waters
  • 9,80 € In Stock
    Banana-style crankbait that swims in a wide tail action
Showing 1 - 9 of 15 items


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