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ESTLANT "Saare Slaider"
Saare Slaider Saare Slaider | Perch Saare Slaider | Yellow Perch Saare Slaider | Blue-White Saare Slaider | Goby Saare Slaider | Macrel Saare Slaider | Black-Red Saare Slaider | Olive-Green Saare Slaider | Brown Marbel Saare Slaider | Red-Silver Saare Slaider | Red-Yellow Saare Slaider | Pearl Gold Saare Slaider | Green-Orange Saare Slaider | Blue Marbel Saare Slaider | Blue-Orange ESTLANT | Saare Slaider
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ESTLANT "Saare Slaider"


Inspired by the shape of roach, this handmade jerkbait is perfect for catching bigger pikes

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€11.08 €12.08

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ESTLANT "Saare Slaider" is a sinking jerkbait with calm action, capable for catching big trophy pikes.

The ideal working depth of the lure is 0,5-1 meters (depends on the retrieving speed).

Saare Slaider is ideal for fishing close to shoreline reeds and in lower head of a bay. When jerking, the lure has nice side-to-side action. For balanced gliding action try to retrieve it slowly and evenly.

Alll lures are hand-carved from timber and equipped with two durable high-quality VMC trebles.

Length of the lure: 11 cm.

All ESTLANT lures come in stylish packaging - a nice gift for your fishing buddy.

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Product features

Target fish
Pike / Muskie
Slow sinking
36 g
11 cm
Running Depth
Shallow (0-1,3 m)
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Weight: 36 g
Color: Yellow Perch Blue-White Red-Yellow Goby Macrel Black-Red Brown Marbel Red-Silver Pearl-Gold Green-Orange Blue Marbel Blue-Orange Olive-Green Perch
Image Color Weight Price Add to cart
Perch 36 g €12.08 €11.08 -8%
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Yellow Perch 36 g €12.08 €11.08 -8%
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Blue-White 36 g €12.08 €11.08 -8%
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Goby 36 g €12.08 €11.08 -8%
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Macrel 36 g €12.08 €11.08 -8%
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Black-Red 36 g €12.08 €11.08 -8%
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Pearl-Gold 36 g €12.08 €11.08 -8%
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Green-Orange 36 g €12.08 €11.08 -8%
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Blue-Orange 36 g €12.08 €11.08 -8%
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Blue Marbel 36 g €12.08 €11.08 -8%
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Red-Yellow 36 g €12.08 €11.08 -8%
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Red-Silver 36 g €12.08 €11.08 -8%
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Olive-Green 36 g €12.08 €11.08 -8%
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Brown Marbel 36 g €12.08 €11.08 -8%
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