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Shimano Ultegra FC
Shimano Ultegra FC Shimano Ultegra FC Shimano Ultegra FC Shimano Ultegra FC Shimano Ultegra FC

Shimano Ultegra FC


The new Ultegra features technology normally found on high-end reels

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The totally new Shimano Ultegra FC is built for anglers who are looking for a reliable reel to lure fish for freshwater perch, pike, zander or saltwater sea bass.

Ultegra FC provides high-end features and technologies previously only seen on much more expensive reels. These features ensure gear strength, durability and operation performance.

The Ultregra is part of the Coresolid concept which offers an unique silky reeling, which is distinctive for Shimano reels.

Features of the Shimano Ultegra FC:
  • front drag
  • the stiff but lightweight CI4+ body is the perfect protection and support for the HAGANE gear, X-Ship system, and shielded A-RB bearings to work to their maximum effect and efficiency
  • the X Protect feature provides excellent water resistance without creating a heavy rotation feeling
  • it’s very strong and durable HAGANE main gear is produced with Shimano’s unique cold forging process
  • the New MICRO MODULE GEAR II and SILENT DRIVE ensure an overall smooth operation of the reel, even under high pressure or load
  • the LONG STROKE SPOOL adds casting distance and accuracy by application of a longer spool stroke compared to regular reel spools
  • the new Ultegra also features G Free Body technology to reduce fatigue and enhance casting comfort
  • X-Ship
  • ARC Spool
  • S A-RB Bearings
Shimano Ultegra FC specifcations
Model Size Bearings Ratio Line Capacity Weight
ULT1000FC 1000 5+1 5,1 : 1 140 m / diam 0,20 mm 180 g
ULT2500FC 2500 5+1 5,3 : 1

240 m / diam 0,20 mm

160 m / diam 0,25 mm

225 g
ULTC3000FC 3000 5+1 5,3 : 1

210 m / diam 0,25 mm

130 m / diam 0,30 mm

225 g
ULT4000FC 4000 5+1 5,3 : 1 180 m / diam 0,30 mm 270 g
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Product features

Gear Ratio
Reel Weight
250 g - 350 g
Less than 250 g
Drag System
Front Drag
Spool Capacity
130 m / 0,30 mm
140 m / 0,20 mm
160 m / 0,25 mm
180 m / 0,30 mm
240 m / 0,20 mm
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