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LMAB Drunk Bait
LMAB Drunk Bait | Pina Colada Peter LMAB Drunk Bait | Magenbitter Manni LMAB Drunk Bait | Caipirinha Claus LMAB Drunk Bait | Champagner Steffi LMAB Drunk Bait | Bourbon Bernd LMAB Drunk Bait | Malibu Max LMAB Drunk Bait | Karibik Karsten LMAB Drunk Bait | Tropicana Tina LMAB Drunk Bait | Curacao Cora LMAB Drunk Bait | Bloody Mary LMAB Drunk Bait | Sunrise Sabine LMAB Drunk Bait | Esox Emil

LMAB Drunk Bait


A drunk-looking victim!

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While many manufacturers attach great importance to making their bait as natural as possible, the predators are confronted with the #LMAB Drunk Bait with a staggering, drunk-looking victim. This bait embodies helplessness and confusion, making it a perfect potential victim.

The "drunk effect" is created by a very thin connection to a relatively large tail, which sends strong pressure waves at high frequency as a bite stimulus to the predatory fish. The unusual appearance and staggering behaviour of the “drunkies” can make all the difference, especially when the fishing pressure is high and the number of prey fish is high.

The action occurs only in the last third of the bait. This means that the hook can be chosen to be quite large (3/0), which leads to significantly fewer missed bites

The Drunk Bait with its 8 cm was developed for zander and perch fishing, but has also been able to tempt a number of pike, asp, catfish and even carp to bite. 16 cm model is mainly for pike and its connection to the paddle tail has been designed much sturdier to withstand very powerful bites.

Features of the LMAB Drunk Bait:
  • thin connection + large plate tail ensure a high-action drunk effect
  • loud mouth - for a perfect embedding of the jig head
  • pectoral fins for micro-vibrations during vertical and drop shot fishing
  • some baits are UV-active
  • engineered in Germany
  • 8 cm: 6 baits in a pack
  • 16 cm: 2 baits in a pack
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Product features

Target fish
Zander / Walleye
8 cm
16 cm
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Length: 8 cm 16 cm
Color: Pina Colada Peter Magenbitter Manni Caipirinha Claus Champagner Steffi Bourbon Bernd Malibu Max Karibik Karsten Tropicana Tina Curacao Cora Bloody Mary Sunrise Sabine Esox Emil
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8 cm Pina Colada Peter €5.58 €5.30 -5%
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8 cm Magenbitter Manni €5.58 €5.30 -5%
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8 cm Caipirinha Claus €5.58 €5.30 -5%
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8 cm Champagner Steffi €5.58 €5.30 -5%
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8 cm Bourbon Bernd €5.58 €5.30 -5%
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8 cm Malibu Max €5.58 €5.30 -5%
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8 cm Karibik Karsten €5.58 €5.30 -5%
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8 cm Tropicana Tina €5.58 €5.30 -5%
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8 cm Curacao Cora €5.58 €5.30 -5%
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8 cm Bloody Mary €5.58 €5.30 -5%
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8 cm Sunrise Sabine €5.58 €5.30 -5%
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16 cm Tropicana Tina €5.58 €5.30 -5%
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16 cm Curacao Cora €5.58 €5.30 -5%
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16 cm Esox Emil €5.58 €5.30 -5%
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16 cm Bourbon Bernd €5.58 €5.30 -5%
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16 cm Karibik Karsten €5.58 €5.30 -5%
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