Scandinavian topanglers have developed some of the best catching lures on the market. The Stripper, Lotus and Fight lures have become household names throughout Nothern Europe. All spoons have been made from either grade A Stainless steel or brass plate and comes fitted with doubled forged spilt rings and fine wired black nickel tournament treble hooks. These handpainted lures are designed based on decades of successful Seatrout fishing.
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    The Stripper spoon is a uniquely designed lure with unparralelled catch statistics
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    A spoon that imitates seatrout's natural food
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    A slim lure resembling sandeel
  • 2,95 € In Stock
    First choice lure for many sea trout anglers
  • 3,36 € In Stock
    Seatrout and salmon lure with a genuine silver plating
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