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Rig for Soft Baits "Golden Catch Stinger Hard"
Rig for 14-16 cm baits Rig for 17-19 cm baits Rig for 19-21 cm baits Rig for 22-24 cm baits

Rig for Soft Baits "Golden Catch Stinger Hard"

SH-70SS / 794339200

Improved pike rig in 4 sizes

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Introducing the Golden Catch Stinger Hard, crafted for optimal performance with large silicone lures. Through collaboration with seasoned anglers, we identified common pitfalls in existing stinger systems and addressed them head-on to create what we believe is the ultimate stinger solution!

Key Improvements:

  • We've moved away from corrugated tubes and inflexible wires, which often weakened and failed over time. Instead, our design features durable stainless steel wire twisted into secure fixing points.

  • Unlike competitors who used tightly fixed spikes causing damage upon insertion into the lure, our innovative design incorporates a movable & angled spike. This flexibility allows for precise placement without compromising the integrity of your bait.

Technical info:
Model Bait size Test Wire diameter Length Hooks
SH-70SS 14-16 cm 20 kg 0,6 mm 7 cm 1 x no. 2
SH-95SS 17-19 cm 25 kg 0,8 mm 9,5 cm 2 x no. 2
SH-115SS 19-21 cm 30 kg 0,8 mm 11,5 cm 1 x no. 1 and 1 x no. 2
SH-130SS 22-24 cm 30 kg 0,8 mm 13 cm 1 x no. 1/0 and 1 x no. 2/0
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SH-70SS / 794339200

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Size: For 14-16 cm baits For 17-19 cm baits For 19-21 cm baits For 22-24 cm baits
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For 14-16 cm baits In stock €3.69
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For 17-19 cm baits In stock €4.34
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For 19-21 cm baits In stock €4.71
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For 22-24 cm baits In stock €4.88
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