• Lures


    Complete your lure-box with crankbaits & plugs, spinners, soft plastics, jigs and spoons from top brands. collection includes carefully selected lures for catching pike, zander, brown trout, sea trout, bass, perch, salmon and many other species. We also have a big pleasure to offer a selection of handmade lures.

  • Fishing Line

    Fishing Line

    Fishing line forms an important connection between the angler and the catch. If this link fails, the angler loses the fish. There are many types of lines available and some are all-around while others have very specific use. Choosing the right line makes your job on the water much easier and productive. General rule is that the line should be matched to the rest of the fishing tackle and the type of fishing. Choose monofilament if you need smooth, easily castable and low visibility line. Braided line is best known for having high strength, thin diameter and minimal stretch. With fluorocarbon you are getting low visibility and excellent abrasion resistance. Get the best line for freshwater & saltwater fishing from our assortment of monofilament, braid and fluorocarbon, all at great prices.

  • Reels


    What are the types of fishing reels? Spinning reels are most commonly used. The spool of a spinning reel does not rotate when you make a cast - the line simply runs off the spool once the bail is opened. Spincasting reels are popular among beginners. These affordable reels are very similar to spinning reels, except the spool is covered to reduce tangling issues. Baitcasting reels can provide very accurate casts and are compatible with many fishing methods. Baitcasting reels are equipped with a durable drag that can easily handle big fish. Contemporary baitcasters feature magnetic brakes that can almost totally eliminate backlashes and tangles. Despite its name, baitcasting tackle is not used with natural bait – its purpose is casting lures or trolling. Reel maintenance is important. For reel care, its suggested to follow the manufacturer’s maintenance recommendations. Besides preventing corrosion, it is vital to perform routine cleaning. A well maintained reel increases casting distance, lowers the minimum cast weight and last longer in use. Browse reliable reels for your next fishing trip: focuses on top-quality fishing reels, from brands like Daiwa, Shimano and Okuma.

  • Waders


    Feel confident in the water. Shop breathable & neoprene waders and waiding boots suitable for fly fishing, angling and hunting.
  • Fly Fishing

    Fly Fishing

    Discover fly fishing with quality outfits from Vision. We also offer fly assortments to have you ready for the river.

  • Ice Fishing

    Ice Fishing

    Ice fishing gear for all hard water enthusiasts. offers a great range of ice fishing equipment: ice rods, ice reels, ice lures and other gear to have you ready for the ice fishing season.

  • Other gear & accessories

    Other gear & accessories

    Browse for miscellaneous fishing gear: bags, tools, boxes, headlamps, fishing scales, polaroid sunglasses, filleting knives etc.

  • Clothing


    Technical clothing and vests for your fishing trips
  • Super Deals

    Super Deals

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