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HOOK-EZE hook tying multitool HOOK-EZE hook tying multitool View larger
HOOK-EZE hook tying multitool

HOOK-EZE hook tying multitool



HOOK-EZE is a fishing hook, swivel, line, safety tying device, line cutter & more

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14,90 € tax incl.

  • Hook-Eze is a clever little gadget that makes tying fishing hooks onto the line not only safer, but a whole lot easier.

    The barbs of the fishing hook are protected in the case, while a spinning ring on your finger makes twisting the line a breeze.

    Hook-Eze is suitable for standard fishing hooks sized from 4/0 down to the smallest being a No.28, selected flies, swivels, snap-ons & speed clips for lure fishing. It's also great for tying line to line & line to leader, including braided lines and you can even tie a Bimini Twist.

    When you've finished fishing for the day, you can put the hook back into the Hook-Eze, and from there, it snaps onto the runner of the rod and its ready to store in the car, so you won't prick your upholstery, children, animals, whatever you take fishing with you. 

    • fastest and easiest way to tie knots
    • Hook-Eze safely holds hook whilst tying to fishing line eliminating injuries
    • ideal for anyone who has difficulty tying fishing hooks to the line
    • also great for tying a selection of swivels and snap-on clips
    • safely stores hook and clips over one of the runners on the fishing rod for storage and transportation - no more torn upholstery
    • suitable for fishing hooks sized from 4/0 down to No.28
    • handy carry size, attaches to fishing rod, key ring, belt or clothing
    • features a fishing line cutting device
    • no losing fish due to weak or faulty knots
    • safe & simple - children can tie their own tackle
    • manufactured with the highest quality Ultra Violet sun resistant plastic
    • color: yellow
    • two multitools in pack

    Watch videos for Bimini Twist, Sell Knot and joining two fishing lines.

    Hook-Eze is a great idea as a gift for a fisherman.

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I own one. Works as advertised and suits for med. sized and small hooks. Need a version for larger ones.

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