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Bumble Lure Pretty Jerk Bumble Lure Pretty Jerk | Black View larger
Bumble Lure Pretty Jerk | Black

Bumble Lure Pretty Jerk

Bumble Lure


A handmade topwater “egg”, designed for adrenalyn fishing

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12,50 € tax incl.

  • Although developed primarily for use in waters with various obstacles, Bumble Lure® can be used everywhere.

    Bumble Lure® body is constructed of top-quality balsa wood, known to be the lightest and liveliest wood material for floating lures. It assures the lure’s precise weight is well-balanced in the water.

    Most other lures currently on the market have their hooks below the water when floating. However, Bumble Lure’s hook position is unique: it remains above the water as the lure floats allowing it to overcome obstacles such as grasses or lilies and remain hidden from the fish.

    The Japanese razor sharp hooks are made from durable metal, effectively positioned guaranteeing the fish WILL STAY HOOKED once it bites.

    How to use:

    Cast the lure over or into water obstacles. We suggest that you then make a series of slow and/or quick movements by pulling Bumble Lure® across the water. As it skims across the top of the water, the vibrations that Bumble Lure® makes will attract fish. And with Bumble Lure® they will be hooked so well your adrenaline will rise as you start pulling out your trophies!

    Features of the Bumble Lure Pretty Jerk:
    • jerk model
    • handmade
    • japanese hook
    • balsa construction
    • body length: 52 mm
    • body width: 25 mm
    • weight: 11 grams
  • Brand Bumble Lure
    Target fish Perch
    Buoyancy Floating
    Target fish Pike / Muskie
    Weight 11 g
    Length 5,2 cm
Image Color Length Price Add to cart
Black 5,2 cm 12,50 €
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Gold 5,2 cm 12,50 €
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Green 5,2 cm 12,50 €
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Silver 5,2 cm 12,50 €
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Yellow 5,2 cm 12,50 €
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