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Storm Deep Jr Thunderstick Storm Deep Jr Thunderstick | color DJM561 View larger
Storm Deep Jr Thunderstick | color DJM561

Storm Deep Jr Thunderstick



Original versions of Deep Jr Thunderstick - rare items that are no longer in production. Top lures for zander!

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7,75 € tax incl.

  • Storm Deep Jr. ThunderSticks MadFlash are classic lures for zander / walleye and these popular "old school" models (DJM) are no longer in production. 

    Storm Deep Jr. ThunderStick features the original design, swimming action and rattle. With traditional colors and finishes plus the UV Bright finishes, 3-D holographic eyes and external scale patterns even the baitfish can’t tell the ThunderStick is a lure. All species of fish will devour this bait whether trolled, cast, twitched or jerked. Equipped with VMC black nickel hooks.

    Weight: 9 g

    Length: 9 cm

    Swimming depth (trolling): 2,4-3,8 m

    Limited quantity!

  • Brand Storm
    Target fish Pike / Muskie
    Buoyancy Floating
    Target fish Zander / Walleye
    Weight 9 g
    Length 9 cm
    Running Depth Deep (3,1 m-6 m)
    Running Depth Medium (1,4 m-3 m)
Image Color Price Add to cart
DJM561 7,75 €
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DJM595 7,75 €
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DJM652 7,75 €
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DJM592 7,75 €
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DJM601 7,75 €
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DJM651 7,75 €
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DJM670 7,75 €
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DJM675 7,75 €
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