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Sebile Magic Swimmer Sebile Magic Swimmer | color NBBH View larger
Sebile Magic Swimmer | color NBBH

Sebile Magic Swimmer SSK



Slow Sinking model of the Sebile's most famous lure. Cast, troll, twitch or even slow jig the Magic Swimmer, the lifelike action will always excite even the lazy fish.

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8,96 € tax incl.


12,80 € tax incl.

  • Sebile Magic Swimmer’s unique and natural action sets this superstar apart from all other lures.

    The thin baitfish body is jointed in three parts to ripple together in rhythmic swimming motion as artificial imitates perfection to make this impostor appear to be the real thing.

    Swim the lure slow or fast, at your discretion, as allowed by the Magic Swimmer’s perfect balance. Its natural swimming action even during steady retrieves is just too much for most gamefish to resist and is equally effective when cast or trolled by any means.

    “Okay now, let me share one of my favorite ways to use the Magic Swimmer Slow Sinking, which is to use it is as a slow sinking twitchbait where you let it sink as you twitch it with little downward twitches of the rod tip. Only twitch a few inches, and it will flip and flop in semi-circles and can easily do an aboutface 180 degree turn-around when you lightly twitch it. Each twitch of the rod propels the Magic Swimmer into an erratic lunge that signals predators it is weak and vulnerable prey,” says Patrick Sebile.

    That sinking, twitching tactic is the strategic advantage that only the Sebile Magic Swimmer has — and what it was designed to do. One of the keys to this action is to twitch it, and then instantly push the rod tip back toward the lure so the lure may complete its irresistible darting, lunging, swerving movement on a slack, not tight line.

    That’s just one of the many ways to catch more fish with the legendary Magic Swimmer!

    • weight: 21,5 g
    • running depth: up to 0,75 m
    • slow sink (SSK)
  • Target fish Pike / Muskie
    Brand Sebile
    Buoyancy Slow sinking
    Weight 21,5 g
    Length 12,5 cm
    Running Depth Shallow (0-1,3 m)
Image Color Length Price Add to cart
NBBH 12,5 cm 12,80 € 8,96 €
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NK2 12,5 cm 12,80 € 8,96 €
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D9 12,5 cm 12,80 € 8,96 €
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NBG 12,5 cm 12,80 € 8,96 €
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NI2 12,5 cm 12,80 € 8,96 €
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NLB 12,5 cm 12,80 € 8,96 €
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RH 12,5 cm 12,80 € 8,96 €
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O 12,5 cm 12,80 € 8,96 €
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