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Darts Neko Rig
Darts Neko Rig Neko Rig Darts Neko Rig
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Darts Neko Rig


Japanese bass rig, very effective for European perch

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Neko rig comes from Japan and recently it has become a "secret weapon" for the US bass anglers. Neko rig works also very well for European perch.  Its a fantastic finesse presentation that can often catch fish when nothing else will.

The rig consists of a soft bait hooked through the middle and a weight that is screwed into its head. It allows you to jerk your bait across the bottom of the area you are fishing.

Throw out the rig and let it sink to the bottom. Many times, the fish takes the bait while it falls. Make a gentle jerk so that the jig raises up and "dances" above the bottom. Let the bait rest for a while on the bottom. The strike often comes when you rest it on the bottom or when the bite is on its way down. Neko Rig is a very good choice when fishing is slow or water is cold.

You can also check out the video.

Darts Neko Rig is a good starter kit for fishing with a Neko Rig. Its a complete kit, including soft baits and accessories.

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