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Lovec-Rapy Maybug Lovec-Rapy Maybug View larger
Lovec-Rapy Maybug

Lovec-Rapy Maybug



Maybug imitation for brown trout

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2,81 € tax incl.


4,33 € tax incl.

  • Lovec-Rapy Maybug is a floating wobbler that imitates a real insect that has fallen into the water - this makes it suitable for cruising feeders just under the water surface. Its also suitable for small overgrown rivers.

    In case you are unable to cast due to the vegetation, let it drift as far as possible to a place where un-startled fish are feeding. A very slow retrieve is necessary, holding the tip of the in a high position, so that the current does not take the lure to the bottom. Maybug has a fine oscillatory motion and a narrow movement spread.

    Larger color map of the Maybug



  • Brand Lovec-Rapy
    Buoyancy Floating
    Target fish Chub
    Target fish Trout
    Weight 1,2 g
    Length 3 cm
    Running Depth Topwater
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C15 3 mm / floating 4,33 € 2,81 €
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C16 3 mm / floating 4,33 € 2,81 €
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C45 3 mm / floating 4,33 € 2,81 €
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C46 3 mm / floating 4,33 € 2,81 €
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