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Hard Baits 

Hard Baits

Catch pike, zander, brown trout, bass, salmon, perch and other fish with top-rated hard baits. Also known as crankbaits, plugs or wobblers, hard baits are made of plastic or wood and they look like a baitfish or other creature that fish want to eat. Hard baits cast well and come in many shapes, sizes and colors. They are equipped with treble hooks and some feature internal rattle system to attract fish. There are also jointed models. Diving depth varies as well: some remain on the surface while others dive to several meters allowing to reach great depths. Hard baits are great trolling lures – deep divers are effective for catching pike, zander, salmon and other species. offers a fine selection of hard baits: shop crankbaits, plugs, shads, minnows and other hard baits from trusted brands such as Rapala, Savage Gear, Sebile, Storm and others.

  • Savage Gear
    Savage Gear
    Savage Gear is an innovative and highly respected brand developed for predator fishing. For the ultimate predatory fish, only the ultimate gear will do, and the guys at Savage Gear have committed themselves to providing the serious and ambitious predatory fisherman with just that - the ultimate lures, rods, reels and accessories for the big beasts out there.
  • Rapala

    Rapala has been the world's favorite fishing lure since 1936. Rapala lures are responsible for more IGFA world records than any other lure brand in history. Each Rapala lure with a swimming lip is individually hand-tuned and tank-tested for perfect swimming action.

  • Lovec-Rapy
    Hard baits from Czech-Polish firm called Lovec-Rapy. Lovec-Rapy lures are based on the observation of the behaviour of real fish and insects. Wobblers are designed to be as close to the natural movement of the fish as possible. The production is only by hand. There are experienced anglers producing the lures – the attention to detail on them is phenomenal. Every single lure is hand painted and individually tested in a special tank.
  • Storm
    ABOUT STORM: At Storm, we´re serious about fishing. Non-fishermen might even see us as obsessive. We believe getting into the head of a fish to really understand what's going on... like what makes a fish bite. We build our lures based on those findings because we know that you are serious about fishing too. So get out there and do what you need to do to find them & catch them.
  • Sebile

    Award winning, innovative baits to target all species in all water types. Founded by Patrick Sebile, he combines his love of fishing with a background in mechanical design principles such as turbulence and hydrodynamics to make his lures more effectively replicate a real life baitfish.

  • Berkley
  • Salmo
    There is no other lure manufacturer in the world who, as well as drawing upon his skill and fishing passion, has invested in professional knowledge of fish biology. SALMO lures therefore have built-in secrets – a powerful combination coming from the knowledge and experience of designers (graduate fish biologists) and the demanding SALMO field testers in Europe and overseas.
  • Cotton Cordell
    Cotton Cordell
    If the lure carries the Cotton Cordell name then you know it’s a winner, and of these, a handful have gone on to become the industry standards of their class. These are the best sellers — because they’re the best catchers — and no tacklebox, or tackleshop, should be without them.
  • Edi (Eduard Teras) handmade
    Edi (Eduard Teras) handmade
    Handmade baits for catching brown trout
  • Are (Are Kornav) handmade lures
    Are (Are Kornav) handmade lures

    Popular handmade baits for catching brown-trout

  • Bomber
    Bomber Lures produces tournament-winning crankbaits and other lures that lead the industry. Bass, walleyes-zanders, stripers, pike and other gamefish all know the power of the Bomber!
  • HMG Lures
    HMG Lures

    The first baits of HMG Lures were made of linden and balsa wood over 15 years ago. All of the baits are created with passion and love for fishing. They have been tested long before presented to the wider circle of anglers. Nothing is accidental here, a lot of HMG lures are designed for particular fisheries and their predominant conditions. Due to that fact, they are incredibly effective and make every catch a successful one.

  • Headbanger

    Headbanger lures are innovative and unique baits that move like nothing else you've ever seen. The erratic and evasive action of the Headbanger lures gives you the ultimate tool to perfectly mimic a spooked fleeing bait fish and trigger a reaction from the predatory instincts of the fish.
    The non-repetitive movement is created by the patented head, a loosely attached guide lip with a specific balance that results in constant change in the lures’ moving direction, making them move with irregularities naturally resembling that of a nervous and injured prey. Also trembling on irregular basis, these lures add something truly unique to your tackle box. Let the headbanging begin!

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  • Lovec-Rapy Pike
    2,74 € 4,21 € -35% Out Of Stock
    Reduced price!
    Out Of Stock
    Effective lure for catching pike
  • Lovec-Rapy Power Pike
    3,22 € 4,96 € -35% In Stock
    Reduced price!
    In Stock
    Lifelike imitation of a pike
  • Lovec-Rapy Barbel
    3,43 € 5,28 € -35% In Stock
    Reduced price!
    In Stock
    Excellent choice for big predators
  • Sebile Splasher
    3,84 € 4,80 € -20% In Stock
    Reduced price!
    The Sebile Splasher deep-cup-faced popper is designed to spit a large volume of water with each pull
  • Rapala CountDown
    4,34 € 5,79 € -25% In Stock
    Reduced price!
    Rapala CountDown - consistently reach suspended fish at any depth
  • Storm Wiggle Wart
    4,46 € 5,25 € -15% Out Of Stock
    Reduced price!
    Out Of Stock
    5 cm diving plug from "Wart" family
  • Salmo Hornet
    4,63 € In Stock
    In Stock
    Small, fast and deadly efficient plug from Salmo
  • Storm Gomoku Spin
    4,67 € In Stock
    Tight body vibration & flashing tail blade
  • HMG Lures DroopKILLER
    4,71 € In Stock
    In Stock
    A bit heavier model from the HMG Lures
  • Cotton Cordell Big O
    4,79 € In Stock
    The Big O is the original square-lip crankbait and it’s still catching plenty of bass, pike and other gamefish
  • Storm SubWart
    4,80 € Out Of Stock
    Out Of Stock
    Crankbait for shallow waters
  • Berkley Flicker Shad
    4,83 € Out Of Stock
    Out Of Stock
    A crankbait designed by the Pros. The unique action creates a "Flicker" that imitates a fleeing baitfish.
  • Storm Gomoku Bottom
    5,46 € In Stock
    Designed to mimic small bait fish feeding and moving on the bottom
  • Rapala Weedless Shad
    5,79 € In Stock
    In Stock
    Weedless lure with a great paddle-tail & twitching action
  • Rapala Mini Fat Rap
    5,79 € In Stock
    In Stock
    The sinking Mini Fat Rap® works with unmatchable action for attracting trout and other smaller predators
Showing 16 - 30 of 73 items


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