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Vision Scout 2.0 Zip Waders
Vision Scout 2.0 Zip Waders Vision Scout 2.0 Zip Waders Vision Scout 2.0 Zip Waders Vision Scout 2.0 Zip Waders Vision Scout 2.0 Zip Waders Vision Scout 2.0 Zip Waders Vision Scout 2.0 Zip Waders Vision Scout 2.0 Zip Waders Vision Scout 2.0 Zip Waders Vision Scout 2.0 Zip Waders
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Vision Scout 2.0 Zip Waders


High-tech waders with a zipper

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We think that Vision Scout waders are the most comfortable waders to wear. Period. They are made from a special fabric featuring revolutionary 37.5® Technology and proven ultrasonic welding technology. Durable, comfy and good-looking waders with a bunch of well-thought-out details.

As the name says, this model has the full length zipper in front. Not only it makes getting in and out easier, it also helps to ventilate the wader during the extreme hikes. And when the nature calls, it is a handy feature. The main zipper is positioned in a slight angle to give you more support from the braces for opening and closing. This way we also managed to create more room for the waterproof pocket on the others side. Also, this pocket zipper is placed in an angle and this way you have easier access to the inside organisers of this pocket.

Features of the Vision Scout 2.0 Zip Waders:
  • latest fabric featuring 37.5® Technology and ultrasonic welding technology
  • fully waterproof chest pocket with YKK Aquaseal® / TIZIP MasterSeal 6 zipper
  • full length TIZIP MasterSeal 10 zipper
  • seam optimization secured with our new E-Tape
  • heavier bottom fabric, lighter upper fabric
  • high density wading belt and braces
  • curved NoSeam cut for perfect fit
  • High Density neoprene socks
  • matching colour belt and braces
  • D-loops and drying loops
  • built-in gravel guards
  • ultimate comfort

To continue at the forefront of wader development in the world and to secure our leading role in Europe we felt that most of the modern high-end waders are heavy, stiff and their breathability capabilities are not what they used to be. We wanted to change that and feel that wonderful “Do-I-have-waders-on-or-not?” feeling when we wade into a cold mountain river or “Why-don’t-I-sweat-at-all” when we hike to the next sweet spot somewhere kilometres away. To achieve these ambitious goals, we have already worked for two years to introduce a totally new generation of waders. Scout waders are a pleasure to wear, will stay waterproof even when used actively for a longer period of time in highly challenging conditions and which will transfer your sweat from your body faster than any other pair of waders. Based on extensive testing around the world, we can happily inform that we have achieved those objectives. 37.5® Technology combined with Ultrasonic welding technology combine to make a winning combination, which is very hard if not impossible to beat. So, get your Scout waders and you’ll be prepared.

Scout waders are the only waders using the revolutionary 37.5® Technology. 37.5® Technology works with your body to balance heat and moisture, creating a personally regulated microclimate of comfort. Hydrophilic active particles attract water molecules even in the vapour stage. They absorb the body’s IR energy giving water a reason to leave the particle. Active particles add an immense amount of surface area to the fabric and this allows fabric to evaporate more water exponentially faster. By actively responding to body temperature, these particles use energy from the body to accelerate drying rates – up to five times faster! In short – you’ll feel more comfortable than ever before in waders.

37.5 tehnoloogia

FEELS COMFY: 37.5® Technology works with your body to balance heat and moisture, creating a personally regulated microclimate of comfort.



Scout waders are made with our Ultrasonic technology seams, meaning that there’s no stitch hole in the seams. We have welded two fabrics into one, making the seam itself waterproof. This weld is then double taped with our own E-tape to give it strength in extreme conditions. You know, sometimes you need run and jump after hooking the fish of a lifetime.
From the usability point of view, the main differences between traditional and ultrasonic seamed waders, are the flat seams. There is actually no noticeable difference between the plain fabrics and the seam. Only the additional waterproof inside tape will create a small increase to the thickness. This is quite the contrary to normal seams in waders, where you have a bulky seam with three (3) layers of fabric plus the additional inside tape(s). In numbers, we can state that an ultrasonic welded seam is always at least 67% percent thinner when compared to normal seams. The bulkiness of a traditional seam causes also a serious non-usability related problem; the big difference in thickness between the plain fabrics and the seam creates a sort of a hinge (joint), which increases considerably the level of abrasion.

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