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Daiwa Sokkou Knot Tying Tool

Daiwa Sokkou Knot Tying Tool




Simple but brilliant. The Sokkou Knot Tool is designed to make knotting a mono leader to braid easier and perfect.

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17,90 € tax incl.

  • Sokkou – the Japanese expression for fast and easy - and that’s what this small tool is all about. With the Daiwa Sokkou knot tool you can tie knots between monoflament leader and braided main line within seconds. With the lines parallel, all it takes is a couple of twists around the barrel, a pick up with the retractable hook and pull through... done!

    With some experience you can use this tool even with closed eyes or in the dark. Usually, at cold weather or wind the connection between leader and braided main line can only be tied with some experience or much effort. With the Sokkou knot tool this connection no longer represents a problem.

    Daiwa Sokkou is applicable for mono leaders up to ca. 0.40 mm and braided main lines up to ca. 0.25 mm.

    Backside features a detailed manual.

    An indispensable tool, much used by Daiwa's team anglers.

    Easy – fast and light – Sokkou!

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