New in stock: HMG Lures

We received cool little baits from HMG Lures. These are great weapons for catching trout, perch, ide and chub.

A word from the manufacturer:

We have been engaged in manufacturing lures for a long time. Our first baits were made of linden and balsa wood over 15 years ago. They have soon won recognition among fellow anglers in our district and their popularity has been broadened across the country.

All of our baits are created with passion and love for fishing. They had been premeditated and tested long before presented to the wider circle of anglers. Nothing is accidental here, a lot of our baits are designed for particular fisheries and their predominant conditions. Due to that fact, they are incredibly effective and make every catch a successful one.

Although ides, chubs, trouts and asps are our main priority, we do not forget perch, pike, zander, barbel, catfish and salmon trout anglers. Wide range of our products enables to catch different species.

We are constantly developing our assortment, currently we are selling KillerEgg, KillerEGG TURBO and DroopKILLER in different size and weight variants.

Posted on 02/16/2018

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